Why We Cancelled Medellin
We’ve got something to tell you.
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Earlier this year, we planned on 6 different trips over 6 months. As you may have noticed, we’ve changed plans.

From 6 Retreats to 1

In January, we hosted our trip in Costa Rica — and it was a blast (read about it here). We surfed, had bonfires on the beach and created something called Shot, Show & Tell. We’ll tell you more about it later.

However, we hadn’t received enough applications for the next Trip in Medellin. We believe it was down to a number of factors — some internal, some external. We launched the Trip at a later time than usual, putting us under pressure to fill the house. It didn’t feel as well paced as it usually is. We’ve been hosting these Trips for a 18 months now, so we know how each stage should feel. Something was off. So we chose to cancel the Trip, instead of running Nomad House into the ground.


What we did instead

We’ve started to grow the Nomad House team, and we’ve been building stronger plans for summer 2017. This is what we’d like to present to you now.

After Costa Rica, we both flew to our next respective destinations. Arthur flew back to Paris to continue freelance work and focus on Nomad House, whereas I went onto South America to do the same — in warmer climes. I’ve actually been working with the hostel where we would have been staying, check it out here. If you’re around either of these destinations, come and say hello. We’re always around to chat.

Summer 2017. Barcelona.

This is the official start of our return to Europe. In June 2017, we’re going to be staying in the heart of Barcelona. This is a city we’ve both travelled to before and feel an affinity with, so we’d love for you to join us for paella, sangria and a month of work on the Mediterranean coast line. You can see the Trip here.

Coffee & Catalonia


Talk to us.

Despite being remote, we’re now making our office hours ‘public’. If you want to speak to Arthur or myself about going location independent, you want advice on a certain city or you’re curious about joining Nomad House, schedule a call before making a commitment. It’s not an easy transition into ‘digital nomadism’ — this is one thing you can do to make it easier.

We were sad to cancel a Trip, but this is a healthy step for Nomad House in the long run. We have exciting things coming your way — just wait and see.

Or maybe join us in Europe?


by Rebecca

Associate Editor