Want to Remote Work? How to Pop the Question
For many people remote working is a dream. The ability to be able to finally achieve that work/life balance, retain their existing job and relocate to somewhere that living is more affordable & enjoyable. But how do they convince their Employer?
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Here in HQ Tralee we have a number of people already remote working for companies all over the globe. Some have relocated just to escape the congestion and high living cost of the city, others did it because Kerry was always going to be the place they’d return to when it came to raising a family. And, there are some who were already from the area, and chose remote working as a means to getting a job and staying in Kerry.

It’s already been proven that remote working saves Employer’s money. Our figures show that on average the Employer can save over €8,000* a year on office costs alone per person, and that’s not taking into account the Employees savings on living expenses. *Dublin City vs HQTralee

Improved productivity is also a given. If you’ve carried out any research into this topic like we have, you’ll know already that remote workers are more productive in their duties. This improved productivity simply boils down to the fact that happier people work harder, the improved quality of life that remote working from a place like HQTralee gives an employee transcends itself into their work. An example of this improved quality of life is that on average the commute time when working in Tralee is 12minutes. To put that in perspective, your average Dublin commuter would spend 2 weeks a year driving to and from work!

But, if you’ve read this far, we are preaching to the converted. What you need to know now is how to convince your Employer to let you remote work!

The Pitch!

Start off by putting together a detailed Remote Working Pitch for your employer. This document is something you can go through together, which outlines in detail your remote work proposal. If you need help in putting this together drop us a line to info@hqtralee.com, we’ve helped other remote workers convince their Employers and can work through the process with you.

The remote work pitch needs include several key elements of your proposal, including:

  1. Where you will remote work from, and the costs
  2. Your personal reasons for needing to remote work
  3. The office setup you will have in place, and what you will require from your Employer
  4. How remote working will make you more productive
  5. Outline of how you will stay in contact with the main office and clients
  6. Measures that will be in place to ensure your productivity
  7. The support system in place where you will remote work from, and what supports you will need from your Employer

The remote work pitch is a document you and your Employer will use to discuss the key points that will enable you to remote work effectively. It will also be highly useful for you to share examples of how remote working has worked for other people (HQTralee has many examples of this already).

Our Bonus

Still, with all of that, some Employers are concerned that an Employee will slack off when they work remotely. Some Employers would prefer to trial run remote working, rather than fully committing to it from the outset. To help you achieve this goal, HQTralee will shortly be announcing an initiative, offering 1month’s free trial to a number of approved remote work applicants. We will also help you through the entire process of relocating to Kerry based on our experience of helping other remote workers already. To find out more contact us info@hqtralee.com

In order to convince your Employer to allow you to remote work, we can give you the ability to test drive the experience here in HQTralee, and clearly demonstrate how our highly productive, connected (1Gb Broadband) and collaborative space will benefit both you and your Employer.


by HQ Tralee

Jane Gonzalez
Associate Editor