Top Alternatives to PayPal for Digital Nomads. #moneytalk
This is a sum up post from a question on the Digital Nomads Around the World Facebook Group. It’s not meant to be totally comprehensive, but it’s just ideas. Feel free to tweet me @ninjapreneur and endorse or argue any of the below :)
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There’s a lot of support for Payoneer and there are also a lot of complaints about it. I’ve probably heard just as much crap about it as I have heard about Paypal, but lots of people swear by it. Personally, I never received my card in the mail 4 times, which isn’t a great start although it might be because I always live in random countries with crappy postal systems. In theory, you can get a Payoneer “account number” which is like a US bank number and can accept bank transfers and stuff. You can then use it as an ATM card to get cash out wherever you are. I wouldn’t know :(


This app is cool. Essentially you do bank transfers from one account into the other, from different currencies and you save loads of money on bank fees. Not sure how they do this, but it seems to work. I have an account and have used it a few times. Weird things: you need to get the routing numbers and a few details for the other account, which is totally fine (no one can take money out if they have your routing number, only make deposits) but that sometimes freaks people out. (This is an affiliate link, but you won’t pay anything extra — in fact you’ll get a free transfer just by using it.)


Stripe is an awesome option, (and the one I use the most) any money that goes in there gets automatically deposited into your account within 48 hours. It’s a little tricky to set up your website using Stripe without a third party tool unless you’re a developer, so I use Gumroad or SnappyCheckout which make things way easier and make your customer/friend/person giving you money’s buying experience really good too.

I have a product set up with Snappycheckout where I do hourly work for someone, and I just tell them how many hours I’ve done. They have their own link, where they “pay what you want” (they just pay me for my hours.)

Yes there’s an extra fee for using the third party service (less than $1 for me as I sell cheap products) but it’s so simple and I never have to worry about it or have a dev set it up for me.


This one was recommended, but right underneath their main link on Google was a site with a few rants about how they’re a scam. Check it out for yourself, but ain’t nobody got time for that.


This one is a lesser known version of Payoneer — money transfer, low fees, and a debit card. Seems legit, their CEO is the guy from Tangerine, (Canadian bank…) They have a few similar signup bonuses as others on this list and perks to referring your friends too. I’m done waiting for cards to turn up, although it can pay to have a few when you’re a nomad. The first day I arrived in Chiang Mai I forgot to get my card when I did my first ATM trip and then I didn’t have a card for 4 months. I had to keep Paypal-ing people money and have them take it out of the ATM for me — hard times I tell you, hard times.

Voted the best app for solopreneurs, pocketsuite is good for a few elements of business, not just transfers. It’s a payments AND appointments app and a few other things. Forms, questionnaires… if you’re looking for more than just payments, check out Pocketsuite.


Credit card processor for businesses, not that great for personal transfers. A lot of bad reviews for customer service, frozen accounts and limits. Seems like a credit card centric version of Paypal…


Very similar to Stripe and the fees are the same. Supports Paypal, Bitcoin, credit cards and Venmo, and more… multiple currencies as well.


by Beck Power

Associate Editor